Tuesday, March 9, 2010

License to post

i was just reading my post i wrote last night after a long day of driving in the rain and 2 Xanax. It is all over the place. i meant evey word of it. i am just not very sure how clearly it was delivered. this blogging is all very new to me. how do you edit your thoughts? streamline what you want to say? i have so much going on in my head. plus i have spent some time this morning looking at other blogs and they are all so fancy. mine is not. i need to work on this.

the boys and i are off to get our free "hot" breakfast and then to the Oklahoma City Memorial and then on the road again toward Phoenix.

i am thinking a bit this morning about the differnence between excuse vs. reason and blame vs. responsibility. in everything, marriage, friendships, career and life in general, i think it has been very easy blame some other people for why i am unhappy and blanket a bunch of excuses with reasons why things aren't happening. i have a lot of driving to do today. think i will think on it.


  1. You are more coherent than you think...

    I have had some revelations about blame in recent months, and to just put it out there in the most basic way that I can: I am certain that I am responsible for everything that I have ever blamed anyone else for, and at this point in my life I choose to accept responsibility...even in situations where it appears I have been or am blameless--I take full responsibility.

    I can either be a victim in life and hold other people responsible, or I can be the creator in my own world and accept that I am the cause rather than the effect. Today I choose to have power, and therefore serenity.

    It may sound utterly insane, but I chose my parents, I chose my lovers, I chose my husbands, I chose my children, I chose my career, I chose EVERYTHING. And, therefore, I take full responsibility--and life is SO much better.

    I've got a great book on the subject of blame, if you'd like it.

    I'd be happy to share more...but those are my initial thought to give to you.

    Love and Light to you, my friend. I hope this blog brings you whatever it is you are looking for...


  2. thank you for that GoGo. i am coming to that conclusion. except for the parent thing maybe!