Sunday, March 7, 2010

So we begin

My name is Brooke Edwards. I am heading to Phoenix to visit my best friend Angie. My 10 year old son Johnhenry and my 3 year old son Atticus will be coming along for the ride. So will the cremains of our beloved dog Steve. She was 11 when she went to the great dog park in the sky in October and I haven't been the same since. A lot happened in October that has had me not quite feeling myself since and I am going on a journey to get over myself, come to terms with what is, see one of my bestest friends ever, (who is having a bit of a time herself), take my beloved dog's cremains to the beach in Ventura County, CA she loved and played on as a puppy and throw them in the pacific ocean, and bond with my 2 youngest sons. I would love to bond with all 3, but my oldest is 21 anad has to work and can't come. It is what it is and that is part of what this trip is about, embracing what is. So I begin.

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  1. Oh Steve!! I'll miss her too!! I loved that pooch. Have fun on your trip!