Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We all have a Mecca, this might be Johnhenry's

We are in Los Angeles. Beautiful drive on the 10. it had been awhile. was at the coachella festival back in 2005. that area around the valley and indio is so beautiful. johnhenry marveled at all the wind farms. i realized i was just looking and thinking and not shooting any pics or video so i need to do that on the drive back.

with the change of "plans", i decided not to call on friends to stay with and we got a hotel room in anaheim close to the disney downtown walk so i could take johnhenry to the Lego store there. i know legoland is here and we don't have time or funds for that. next time, but we did go to the best lego store ever. johnhenry was in heaven. just look at the pics. johnhenry is lego mad! he builds all the time. legos cover every inch of my home. i am glad he was able to go and and get some stuff. they had a station where you can build your own mini figure. he enjoyed that.

had to say buy to angie, which made me sad, but i am planning to come back through after i am done dealing with some stuff and we are both in a better place. the boys enjoyed their time with aunt angie and atticus keeps asking to play with her rocks. a discovery, atticus loves rocks. maybe he will become a geologist. he likes to throw them, dig in them, look at them, keep them, hold them, it is all about rocks. we are in a good part of the country for that.

we are off to the beach with steve. johnhenry is full of questions about when i lived here in LA and was an actor and when i was married to his dad and when we got steve. so i plan on spending the morning on the county line dog beach, with my beautiful little son, and we are going to say good-bye to our dog together and i am going to tell him all about it and answer all the questions he asks me.

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  1. I LOVE you ALL brooke...Keep blogging...I really do love it...AND I would buy and read your biography : ) Chris IS a good man...He LOVES you...I thought long and hard about this...there is no other woman for him than you...he wants you to be who you want to be...